About Sherri

I was raised on a small Alberta farm, obtained my first job after high school as a Telephone Operator and bought my first home at 19 years old. I transferred to Calgary at 21 and enjoyed a 15 year career in a variety of roles (customer service, sales, career coaching and training) while completing my Psychology degree. I bought my second home at 21 (double price and payment) and remember the loans officer granting my loan despite it being slightly over requirements. She told me that she believed in me and my plan to make the payments, as I had created good credit history with my first house. Maybe this positive initial experience is what spurred my fascination with all things real estate, investing, and property management. I sold both houses for a profit only a few years later; bought another and another, and haven’t looked back.

My first entrepreneur adventure has been as a Turnaround Coach – turnaround your business, your career, your stuck situation or maybe even your mind! I have been a job search coach, and can help write a mean resume. I assist people with obtaining clarity, goals, focus and momentum. I have coached people from all walks of life and all levels of the corporate ladder. I have a fascination with the power of the mind and how people draw meaning from life or work. This interest led me to write my first book – Crossroads Café: Breaking Free from the Daily Grind. It’s a great book for people in career transition (laid off or dislike current job), or considering retirement. It’s a free download, and I’m still available to coach you in all of these areas.

After building a new house and not loving a new area, I finally found my dream house in an older and simple bungalow in Bowness near the river and off leash park. My small town roots were happier. I knew it was the perfect time to get a puppy, a long dream of mine. I bought the house, I took a ‘how to be a dog trainer’ course, found my puppy that I named Bear, and went to the off leash park. That’s how my second book was created: COOLdog™: A Guide For Safe Off-leash Fun! (www.cooldog.ca)

Later I completed an Animal Assisted Coaching program where I teamed up with dogs to experientially facilitate Leadership (character) development workshops. We all know how much our pets teach us! I have enjoyed being a Corporate Trainer and Coach.

With my love for land, nature and dogs, and my desire for challenge and change, I decided it was time to find an acreage. Enter Bragg Creek and so far the hardest thing I have ever done.

Somehow a heritage log cabin and land in shambles became a quest of mine to bring back to life. Did I mention I have no construction or handywoman abilities? Despite being told to tear it down as much easier to build new, I took on a renovation project. I really wished I hadn’t most of the time… it was a tough tough go. Didn’t help that workers seemed to have different opinions as to what was best, so I spent my nights researching to determine best options in each stage of the project. Let’s just say I’ll follow other advice and hire a general contractor next time. Live and learn… however as it turns out, this experience has given me very useful knowledge now as your REALTOR!

When COVID hit and I closed the cabins I knew I needed something to focus on, and the time was finally right to take my real estate interest to the next level. I am pleased to complete what has been a long career goal. My past experience in coaching, customer service and construction are a perfect combination to help you make the right choices for your real estate goals. It will be my pleasure to assist you!